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Corpo, Alma e Espirito
Corpo, Alma e Espirito

                                      O HOMEM



Esta parte do estudo é importante para compreendermos como o ser humano é formado, conhecermos sua estrutura e, a partir daí, identificarmos as áreas de nosso ser que precisam de cura (I Ts 5:23).

O ser humano é tripartido: todo homem é espírito, alma e corpo. O corpo é diferente da alma e a alma é diferente do espírito (diferente do Espírito Santo).

         O homem é um espírito que tem uma alma e habita num corpo.





Ponto de contato com Deus. É através do meu espírito que tenho consciência de Deus e me relaciono com Ele. Deus é Espírito e só podemos perceber Deus no espírito (Ef 2:22, Jo 4:24).



É tudo que o homem é. Sua personalidade. Seu ego. É o mundo dos pensamentos, sentimentos e decisões. A alma está entre o espírito e o corpo. Pertence aos dois. Está ligada ao mundo espiritual através do espírito e mesmo.






 Mente = Sede da alma, intelecto, pensamentos, raciocínios, memória. .

Vontade = Instrumento para tomar decisões. Poder para escolher.

Emoçoes =   Instrumentos para expressar nossos sentimentos, gostos simpatias alegrias, tristesas, amor, ódio, etc...

A alma do homem é singular....




Minha forma visível.




Com ele me relaciono com o mundo exterior (ex: os cinco sentidos, fala, audição, visão, olfato, tato).


"Não sabeis vós que sais santuário de Deus, e que o Espírito de Deus habita em vós?" . I Co 3:16


Each person has a different way to express themselves, whether at work, at home, with friends or at church. No two people have the same type of behavior. May be acting in a manner resembled, but equally, never. This is a consequence of some important factors such as environment, training or education, and temperament.


The environment influences our lives since it was here that we were created. The language we speak has been acquired in the place where we live. If the person has been created overseas in another country, it is natural to speak that language, for it was through her that he communicated. Even being in Brazil, speaking Portuguese, the accent and expressions he uses, we can identify its origin.

The environment helps to establish the mode of action and reaction. If the person was raised in a violent environment, naturally has the defe ~ e the attack. In the aggressive world only the strong survive, and therefore, one is compelled to fight and defend itself or its interests.


the environment also helps shape the way people think and evaluate. She lives that environment and therefore have to identify what is happening, and there will reason as reason. She knows where she is.




The second point that interferes with a person's life with regard to training or education you received. When we are generated in the act of conception, our mind was blank as regards relationships. For nine months we live in a time in a secluded place. Do not know anyone, even if we felt what was happening and some keep in their memory noises, screams, or things that happened and they were etched in his mind. There are people who have a proven intrauterine memories and almost all outstanding!

As we were taught to live in the house where we grew up, is a normal home or an institution or day care - everything was burned in our memory. Was recorded as we were disciplined in our mistakes, or even lack of discipline were taught how to relate to people, take that attitude, what to say, the education given to us and so on.

All these things are an important factor in our lives. But because we are different people normally behave in different ways. Others are born with our temperament. It is something that has been formatted in our hearts and we are so!

However, we can control the way we are. Our behavior, which stems from the environment can be changed by simply changing the environment, the person understand the need to adapt to that new environment.

 The way to behave derived from the training can also be changed by simply removing the old habits and teachings, and acquiring new habits and new teachings.

However, as the temperament does not change, we can control only Io through the action of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Only a direct communion with God can be mitigated in our way of being.

 It is the temperament that leads us to be introverted or extroverted, detail or generalists in the way we see, more emotional or not.

  We can react sudden, sharp or embedded in our thoughts,carrying the weight of the situation in our hearts because of the type of temperament they have.


 Tim LaHaye writes about temperaments. There are four basic temperaments: (1) the Sanquin, (2) the choleric, (3) the melancholic, and (4) the phlegmatic.


. The sanguine temperament

The strengths of the temperament of blood are:


Expressive Cordial






Its weak points are:


Emotionally unstable Unproductive egocentric


. The choleric temperament

The strengths of angry are:

Strong will







Its weak points are:



Sarcastic, self-sufficient. Brash Dominator





. The melancholy temperament

The strengths of the melancholic are:




Skillful self-disciplined Willing to sacrifice Sensitive

Its weak points are:


Suspicious Susceptible

Vengeful Moody. Critical Theory

Non-social Pessimistic


. The phlegmatic temperament

The strengths of the Phlegmatic are:

Quiet Quiet

Trustworthy Efficient Organized Practical Purpose Diplomat

Full of humor. Condescending

Its weak points are:

Concerned about the delay things Selfish


Auto Guard Undecided Fearful Disenchanted.

Looking at the statements above we have an idea of what is temperament. There is a temper, "pure." As such genetic information received from our parents, there are usually more prone to a certain temperament, and usually we find the influence of another temperament, ie there will always be a mix of temperaments.

. Temperament is a basic factor, but it can be masked or altered in its appearance and often what we see is a confused and difficult to understand:The training in childhood. The presence of parents or not.

The love we received or not.

The environment where he grew up. The formal education.

The life experiences he had. Friendships.

Physical health, mental and spiritual.


Depending on the information above, the same individual may present a different behavior for every situation in life. Only with a thorough psychological study is that we can define, more precisely, what is the real temperament of someone.


"The good man brings good treasure of good things, but the bad, the evil treasure brings forth evil things':


Pastora Mara Barbosa

Ministerio Internacional de Cura Interior e Libertação